Creative Resins Europe:

C/ 30 de enero de 1964 - Naves Maga, 17 09007 Burgos Spain

Phone: +34 947 483 814 Fax: +34 947 486 092

Skype: creativeresinseurope


Creative Resins Europe SL

It is a company established in Spain since 2000, but working with our resins in the field ofdecorative glass since 1981.

Our intention is to continue offering our products with a more personal, as well as the total market introduction in Europe and South America, knowing the great potential of these and the expansion possibilities of our products.






These days when the little details make the difference, in which the decorative glass is againbooming and is worth having into account in all new construction, we continue to be on the cutting edge of this sector.


Beauty, performance, low cost, performance, exclusivity, are some of the qualities that offer our products, do you imagine a company that offers all the possibilities in the world of decoration of glass? Imagine no more, welcome to Creative Resins Europe.