Creative Resins Europe SL

This resin allows applying a color layer on the surface of any glass,  independently of the thicknessor or the measure of this.

Like all our products is very easy to use, since it only requires mixing two components (A and B), in equal parts.

This mixture can be pigmented, that is, gives us the ability to create any color (RAL, Pantone, BS, etc..) Or make yourself your own catalog.

This resin, when applied to glass, offers strong adhesion to withstand high temperatures, rolling processes, solarium, steam, humidity ... and most importantly, without costly and ostentatious ovens, simply at room environment.

The work to be done can be infinite, from sink countertops color flat or curved, to get many and varied works of great beauty, and can be even combined with other techniques such as sandblasting, the laminated film Eve..


The application of this product is made by gun, allowing us to apply several coats evenly and quickly, optimizing costs and wasted material.

Can you imagine having to avoid all the hassles of storing glass of different colors and thicknesses? What about all the spending on material scratched or mishandled?
We offer the possibility of having any type of colored glass in a fast and economical, and provide all means that you need.

This, like all Creative Resins products is guaranteed for 10 years in outdoor applications.

The possibility of combining different techniques, full support from our 22 pigments and ease of use make the imagination the only limit each of our products.