Creative Resins Europe SL

This range of resins is used in the decoration of glass pieces. Because of its excellent adhesion, hardness, grip and strength, can be used in both exterior and interior.

Our products have been tested under the most extreme weather conditions, offering a guarantee of 10 years in the finished product, ensuring fastness when exposed to UV rays, keeping unchanged the color over the years and the conservation of all the qualities that distinguish our products throughout the world.

This resin is user friendly and intuitive. His simple formula 1:1 (two component, Part A and Part B) makes this resin has a fast drying, lowering production time, improving the results and therefore, increasing the profit margin.

Within our decorative resins have two distinct processes.



Delimited by the drawing to be colored areas. The only limitation of these resins is the imagination of everyone. You can make any kind of designs, from the simplest to the most abstract, to logos, pictures and much more.







These cords are available in different colors and finishes. From the popular black cord, to the elegant gold cord, passing for white, copper, natural, satin and silver.




In addition all our cords can be applied in different thicknesses, which will perfectly fit each design.




These resins are easily applied by hand and require no specific machine application and drying ovens and other expensive machinery. Following the same formula bicomponent (50-50, Part A and Part B) that the resin bead, all you have to do is add any of our 24 pigments to our base color.



There is no limit to the time of color with these pigments, as can be mixed completely between them, thus creating an infinite range of colors.


His fluency means that they can be used with different techniques, from the simplest to fill in the gaps left by the cord, to the "puddles" of resin on the glass, bubbles of volume, color gradients..

The ability to mix each pigment to the base only when you intend to use, gives an excellent performance optimization and, thus working without wasting a single drop of product.





The versatility and variety of our product makes us not only in the spot color pigeonhole and colored laces.
Our Crazy base, adds a crackle (as in "break", printed glass) and can apply only where previously it sees fit.



Our colored bubbles, much thicker resin, the possibility of applying only small splashes of color, to get translucent or opaque effects, or even applied directly to sandblast, make our products a leader in the decorative glass worldwide


These techniques have been emblematic works that have been around for many years made and maintained with the quality and finish of the day, contributing to the beauty and character of the buildings where they were installed. They range from small details to suit the client, and decoration of a corporate image, religious or imitation of the traditional stained glass.

Remember that everything that can be drawn can be reflected on the glass. This always advised and supported by our technical service.



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